Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wants for Sale

On November 23, ADC Young Guns winner Justin Gignac is presenting his work at the Apple Store in Soho. New Yorkers might know his name...he's been packaging up NYC liter & garbage & selling it as art. I'm serious. See...

(image from NYC

He & his wife also have another cool art project going, called Wants for Sale. Each piece of art is something they want, but don't have the money for. So, they painted it on a canvas & are selling that art for the price of the item they want. Simple. Cool.

If it weirds you out to buy someone chicken wings or a night in Vegas, check out their other site, Needs for Sale which operates on the same idea, only for charity. A painting of a door is $150 & donates a front door to a Habitat for Humanity House. And, all $150 goes to the charity.

Both are super cool, I think. Very clever! If anyone wants to hear him talk about his work, the talk is free & doesn't require a reservation. Check out the Art Director's Club website for more events.

Holiday cheer that you wear!

(image from Boden USA)
Love this cardigan from Boden USA! It's so are the decorations behind the model. Super easy party decor! Order up lots of silver, gold & black balloons, arrange around the party space. Viola! It's a party! Which may seem like a no-brainer...hello, party with balloons, nothing new. But, sometimes, I feel, the easiest & most obvious decorations are forgotten or over looked.
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