Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Gift :: Wine Charms

For my mom's birthday last summer, I took this idea from Oh Happy Day for Father's Day & whipped it into something more Mom-like. Wine charms!

Super easy! Follow the directions on OHD for making Skrinky Dink key chains, but insert a wine charm ring instead of the key ring. This thoughtful gift really couldn't be easier or more fun to make. My brother & my mom's best friend helped me pool photos. We all had a load of fun going through the finished charms, checking to see how they came out.

A few tips - photos with a lot of black or dark colors get really dark when you bake the material. Lighter photos or photos where your subject is wearing light colored clothing work best. Also! Words are super easy & shrink down well! Maybe think about writing Mom a little letter on her charm. Or draw or print out her monogram! Ooooh...Note to my mother: pretend you didn't read that. You might be getting another round of these!

Don't forget: Mother's Day is May 11! Best of luck! If you do this project, share your photos with me on Instagram or Twitter!

Resources: Shrinky Dink paper on Amazon. Wine charm rings from I Like Pie on Etsy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New & Improved Mother's Day Cards

I have successfully moved my Mother's Day cards to the press & now they are available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Behold - the glittery Happy Mother's Day card & the also sparkley I Heart Mom!

Happy Mother's Day is letterpressed on #90 cotton paper in metallic gold. It comes with a lime envelope. Hot pink, white or kraft also available if you would prefer.

I Heart Mom has a fabulous new look in gold & rhodamine red. No envelope liner this time - just a crisp white envelope to keep complete the stunning statement on the card.

There is also a Mother's Day special on the shop as in previous years - one of the above cards PLUS any set of stationery in my shop! And! If you liked last year's cards & want a deal on them, they are on sale - $3.00 and free first class shipping.

Check out all the Mother's Day offerings on my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bye, Bye Oldies but Goodies!

The first KBDS giveaway is over. Booooo!!! But we have 4 winners!! Yay!!!!

Congrats to: Tracey Bailey, Misty Davis, Jenn Quinn & Carolyn Horne

Everyone's cards have been sent. Please let me know if you didn't receive your package...or! Let me know that you DID receive it & how in love with the cards you are! Kidding! No I'm not.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I still have some leftovers, so perhaps we'll do a round 2. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paper Porn

A letter opener! A simple luxury, but one I encourage everyone to indulge in.

Brass Ruler/Letter Opener from SchoolHouse Electric & Supply Co.

** Love stationery & paper products? Follow my Paper Porn board on Pinterest or submit something you like to: kerry {at} or tweet @kmbatty **

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My First 2-Color Job

I've been spending lots of time on the press lately & am super excited to show my first 2 designs that I printed in TWO colors!!

Look at that registration. Man, that makes me happy. This is a new design - love, from me. Now that I've inked it, it's time to take some photos & put it on Etsy!

I've learned some neat tricks about setting up my designs for easy registration. Glad to be putting them to use AND that they work. (as I wipe my forehead with relief & exhale...) I'm also super excited to move my Mother's Day designs to the press. YAY!!!

Also! I'm trying a new color on the press - metallic gold. Seeing my press all shimmery in this color makes me so happy, I'm practically giddy. You'll love it too, I'm will Mom which is why I chose Mother's Day cards to debut it. Special ink for a special lady!

Notice the square format of my photos? Well! These are all things I posted on Instagram  over the weekend. Come join me! It's my social media outlet of choice at the moment.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A break from the action

{this is me with a rototiller!}

Have you noticed my radio silence this week? We took a break from our "regularly scheduled program" to work at the farm this week. These are always short intense weeks when we're here. Seeing friends if we can, working outside on a project & trying to complete it before we head North. Well worth the hard work & sore muscles!

In other news, 2 winners were chosen today for the Oldies But Goodies Giveaway. Sadly, our first winner never got back to me with her address. So! I doubled down today! Want to win some great cards & stationery? Enter on the KBDS Facebook page!

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