Friday, October 30, 2009

Project of the Day

Today (like everyday this week) was website day! Got some work up to show-off my portfolio.

Some of that work was for my own wedding! I absolutely loved working on my invitations. My husband & I couldn't be happier with the way they came out...he wants to frame them! :) Our palette was navy, with shades of lighter blue & a dark smokey purple with a few complimentary shades, which we only used in the flowers & bridesmaid dresses.

The suite! We had 2 monograms. Our first name initials went on everything occurring before the ceremony. Then afterward, we broke out the B! Calligraphy for the addresses was done by Elizabeth Porcher Jones of Charleston. I highly recommend her! She wrote out the RSVP envelope address & we printed it on the envelopes. She also did our escort cards, table numbers & menus.

The Save the Date...where it all started. Actually, I pretty much designed the look all at once. Sometimes I end up doing that when I want to be sure that the look I'm creating will work as well on the other pieces I'm designing.

I fell in love with the design on the back of our wedding invites. Ooohh...and to feel it letterpressed into this heavy paper. Love it!

One of the details, suggested by our printer, was to letterpress our return address in a shade or two lighter than the envelope. It created a nice debossed look. Love it!

Thank you notes! So many thank you's to write after the wedding. It's a good problem to have :) To cut down on costs, I had these digitally printed at ComZone in Manhattan.

We had a BBQ to kick the weekend off. White Rabbit Catering of Pinehurst made the food. Giff, if you're reading...people are still talking about the pig.

A note about your wedding suite...letterpress is beautiful, but expensive. We used it for somethings & then had other pieces flat printed. Like our menus & table numbers. I betcha no one noticed.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family photos

(image from Martha

Mr. B & I have been looking for a place to hang family photos from both our families in our new lovenest. This arrangement came through on my Martha Stewart Email of the Day & I thought it would work, not just for wedding decor as it's suggested, but also for a nice display in your home. You could choose all kinds of ribbons or frames to create an interesting look!

See the how-to here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ivy League, Indeed!!

Soon I'll be posting some of the projects I've been working on recently, none bigger than our wedding. What started out as a bit stressful was made a breeze by the rock star team that helped us pull it off.

One of the rock stars was our fabulous photographer, Shane Snider, of Shane Snider Photography in Raleigh, North Carolina. He recently posted about our wedding. I've posted some pictures below, but see more on his blog, here. And be sure to go to his website, here, to see some of the other fabulous things he has done. You will see the distinctive & energetic style that was the reason we were excited to have him shoot our wedding.

Shane was such a rock star that he helped us find our rock star wedding planner, Ivy Robinson, who you will also see featured in Shane's post. There are not enough words to say what a lifesaver she was & how much fun she made the planning. One of my bridesmaids asked if she descended on a cloud from heaven! Check out her unique ideas & events on her website, Ivy Robinson Weddings & Events.

Two of my bridesmaids sharing a laugh as we were getting ready.

Ready for the big moment! Open the doors!

And now for the big party!

It was a fabulous weekend. Thanks to Shane, Ivy, White Rabbit Catering (best food!!) and our other vendors for making our wedding unique & fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey You!

Another design blog! What? Why you ask? Close your eyes.

Oh, wait...don't do that. You can't read with your eyes closed.

Think of the color blue. What comes to mind?

Unless you are psychic, I'm sure you didn't come up with what I did (blue birds!)...and I'd go so far to say that if you asked the same question to your mom, your neighbor, your friend at work or your best bff, they would all say something different.

That is the beauty of each of us as individuals. I have a perspective. You have one. We are inspired & moved by different things. Sometimes the same things & sometimes in different ways. I will share mine with you here, talk about the projects I'm working on & hope that you will do the same.

On with the inspiration! Welcome :)
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