Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cards of the Week :: Fall is here!

Thursday started out as a beautiful late summer day. The high was 80. And by 6pm it was 60. Holy-shock-to-my-system, Batman.

Ok, Mother Nature, I got it. Apparently it's time to get on with Fall.

(Autumn Leaves with Birds - Set of 8 Notecards by Dots and Dahilas)

While you can get these in any combo of colors, I love Autumn Leaves notecard set by Julia at Dots and Dahlias for Fall stationery. Add to the colors the bird & leaves...which are traditional symbols of Fall...and it's perfect for any message. Know someone with a Fall birthday? I may have just done your shopping for you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Batty Photog Blog

Yes...I need another project like a whole in the head. But! A friend of mine has motivated me to shoot more often so to keep myself motivated (and to learn Wordpress another blog format) I started a photo blog. Posts may be few & far between, but I love photography & now I have an outlet for it.

So Batty Photog Blog was born.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cards of the Week :: Back to School

(Teacher Silhouette Notecards - Set of 8 by Pop Heart Press)

Ok, vacation is over. Time to get back to everyone's normal routine & for me, that means back to end of the week posts about fun stationery/products. Cards of the Week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Martha Stewart Crushes Escort Cards

Talk about shaking things up! When you walk in to your friend's wedding reception & see these to tell you where to sit for dinner you know you are in for one Hell of a good time.

What's more, you are only limited by your imagination with these escort balloons. You can use any combination of colors with whatever color paint pen you want. Whatever matches your decor. You can weigh them down with all sorts of fun stuff, as well. Ideas anyone? How about vintage paper weights?

Article from Martha Stewart Weddings, Darcy's Idea of the Day

Thursday, September 1, 2011

K. Batty on the NewNew Blog

("blog" by Inju via Flickr)

As I'm sure I've said here or there, I belong to a seller's group on Etsy strictly for makers of handmade goods in the NYC Metro area. We are called The NewNew. We have a blog which covers all kinds of things. Who we are, where to find us, what we make, where we sell. And yours truly is the newest
NewNew Blog team member! Try to say that 3 times fast...

Newest NewNew, Newest NewNew, Newest NewNew...I can barely type that 3 times...

Anywho! My first post went up on Monday. It's a little glimpse behind the curtain on how I create my cards by way of a hand stamping tutorial. Check out here!

What I did on my summer vacation

(Mr. B & me with the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA)

Hi guys! Remember me? Your fearless blog writer??

Whatcha been up to? I've been on vacation - well, kinda. There has been work with the play but there has been LOTS of play...

(Dodger's game in LA with my Uncle Jim)

(The beach in Dana Point, CA after Mr B's cousin's wedding. Beautiful!!)

(The golf course, Bellport, NY, where we rent in the summer)

(The Great South Bay from Bellport, spent A LOT of time on the bay this year in our new boat, The Beach Buggy)

In between fun on the bay & our trip to California, I have been hard at work on custom wedding pieces. Really excited to share them as they are all really different & were fun to work on - like these menus for one of my clients...hand stamped doilies!

Stay tuned for more!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!! Just Labor Day weekend left to go really, so get out there & enjoy it!!
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