Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Over Coffee This Morning...

I was reading my newest Garden & Gun magazine when I came across an ad for the most amazing looking tent! Yes, I just said tent. Specifically, I'm talking about Sperry Tents.

Does this make you want to have a party or what?? They even have blue tents with white stars on them. Magical!! I just know that fabulous parties happen under these tents.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I {Heart} Snail Mail :: The Elevated Envelope

Tara Bliven from Ephemera has this fabulous program that is in it's second go-around - The Elevated Envelope. It's a cool project to literally elevate your envelope from the mundane to the amazing. When I found her program on the blogesphere, I freaked.

Make art on the outside of an envelope & send it to a stranger? With a stamp?! Yes, please!! You can imagine my excitement then at being able to participate this time around.

I had a million ideas, but with Dekalb Market going gang-busters, I went with what I had at my finger tips. Voila!

Shocker! I rubber stamped them. I also broke out the embossing powder & the heat gun, which is something I've started experimenting with. It was labor intensive (there are 5 different colors plus 2 embossing powders), but I love they way they came out.  Simple & pretty. We are having a wonderful Spring here in Brooklyn & I thought I would spread some of that loveliness on my envelope. There will be probably be a post later with details of the process.

We were encouraged to send a note explaining our process or giving a little info on our inspiration. So! I made flat cards to match the envelopes. More stamps, but this time I used my glue pad & a fine glitter. Plus, everyone got Framed Monogram cards with the initial of their last name on it.

This was SO much fun to do! And!! They are fun to receive! So far I've found 2 in my mailbox.

I'm in a group of 12 & May 1st was the deadline, but Tara graciously extended it. Truth be told the deadline was really more motivation to get the envelopes made more than anything. Several participants have emailed to say their creations are coming. You know I'll be taking more pictures & posting about them when they arrive.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dekalb Market Events

 The other week I posted about my involvement at the Dekalb Market in An Etsy Artist Assembly. The container is looking great & word seems to be spreading about the market. Yeah!

If you've been waiting to check it out, perhaps you'll be interested in some of the special events coming up.

Dance Par-Tay - May 12th  - yes, that's right. A dance party. Click here for more info & tickets.

Roller Disco with Down & Derby - Friday, May 18th - More info here.

Bike Tours! - Every Friday! -  Velo City is offering tours leaving the markets on Fridays. Email Karyn for more info.

Also! Saturday night marked the first Twlight Market at Dekalb. We had a band, a DJ, plenty of beer & mimosas. It was a great time! Thanks to everyone who came in. Hope to see more smiling faces at the next market night, next month.

Just a reminder - the container is open 7 days a week! If you want to catch me there, Tuesdays are my work days. Come say hi!

PS There was a Lobster Fiesta put on by the Red Hook Lobster Pound last weekend. Stay tuned for more!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Tophatter Auction :: May 5th!

Handmadeology, champion of the hand crafter, & Tophatter, internet auction house, are getting together this weekend for a curated  Mother's Day Auction & guess who's invited to participate?? ME!!!

This Saturday, May 5th, at 8pm EST, the Mother's Day-themed auction goes live with great options for Mom. I'll be listing my NEW item - my Mother's Day gift set that included a I {Heart} Mom card & set of personalized stationery.

 Check out my item details here. And! Visit Tophatter on Saturday night for the auction!
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