Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get your supplies together!

(Find this stamp box here. Not necessary, but so fun!)

At Target the other day I noticed all the school supplies are already out, so I thought perhaps the next installment in our series on hand written notes would be about that...supplies!

What do you need to write a note? Well, it is obvious, right? A paper & a pen! The next question is what do you select first? No matter what you prefer to start with, you eventually need them both. You have to start some where though. I pick my paper first, largely because I select it by occasion. Besides, the pen in my hand is almost always the same, especially for note writing. I am in love with Pilot pens, of all kinds, but especially my Pilot G-2 Gel Pen. For our purposes, though, whatever feels good in your hand & has plenty of ink in it will suffice.

Several resources, including The Art of the Handwritten Note, which I quoted in my previous post, suggest having a "starter set" of stationery handy. Choose some simple notes...maybe just some all purpose cream or white folded cards...and keep them together with envelopes, stamps & your pen or pens. Put them in a nice basket, in a place that they are easy to access. Mine sit in a mail holder next to my desk. The idea is to make note writing a fun & easy thing to do.

Where do you get said simple notes? Almost anywhere. I have seen sets at Staples & at Target. If you are in my 'hood (Brooklyn!) I suggest Papel NY. Great card selection as well as stationery. Etsy, of course, has lots of cards & papers for sale (hello, plug for the K. Batty shop!), or you could check out several other online options. Here are some of my faves:

Paper Source, for plain paper, all things crafty & fun demos on their products
Papyrus, for funky cards
The Paper Cottage, for everything preppy
Paper & Cup, for fun & well designed everything

And then there is always the classic...Crane's. (sigh)

I hope this post breaks down note writing a bit for you. As I said previously, it isn't a huge task to write someone a note. You just need a few simple things & a few words.

Happy writing :)

*** If you order monogrammed notes from the K. Batty shop between now & next Wednesday, enter SUPPLIES in the messages to seller. I'll complete your starter stationery set with stamps & a pen! Plus, from now until the 25th you can get 10% off your order & free shipping during the Christmas in July sale! Whoo hooo!!***

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July

(this set is on sale!)

Everyone! Quick!! Grab your sleigh (...errr your mouse) and head over to Etsy for the 3rd Annual Christmas in July sale. Tons of sellers (including moi) are giving discounts on their products & free shipping.


To find sellers who are participating, search the terms "Christmas in July" or CIJ. Their shops & items should be tagged with those words so that you can find them. Happy shopping!!
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