Hi there! I’ve been working in design & advertising for over 6 years but it has been in my brain my whole life. Always into art, making videos, doodling in my notebooks, I wanted to go to art school. I decided to go to a college where I could work on my tan instead…at the beach.
Years later, after a winding route to design school & many years in advertising, I decided to leave the corporate world. It was a toxic environment and I needed a change. A design & stationery business was born!
What you should know about me:
1. I am a huge hockey fan.
2. I live for the summer & warm weather
3. Like many designers, I find inspiration comes from places common & uncommon. Take a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup for example...
4. I wear a lot of hats, but my favorite is that of problem solver.
5. My enthusiasm for design projects knows no bounds. Is that cheesy? Yes, it is & I'm kinda cringing that I just said that, but work with me & you will find out just how true it is. 

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