Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letters Of Note Book

Congrats to one of my favorite blogs, Letters of Note, on the up-coming US publication of their book - Letters of Note. What a great blog! Each post is a letter or note from the past. The writers can be anyone - from a Elizabeth Taylor to quintuplets to a Samuel Clemens to name a few recent posts. The letters are about love, success, failure, hellos, goodbyes - in a word, life.

This is from the book site:

Letters of Note is a collection of 125 of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters. 
From Virginia Woolf's heart-breaking suicide letter, to Queen Elizabeth II's recipe for drop scones sent to President Eisenhower; from the first recorded use of the expression 'OMG' in a letter to Winston Churchill, to Gandhi's appeal for calm to Hitler; and from Iggy Pop's beautiful letter of advice to a troubled young fan, to Leonardo da Vinci's remarkable job application letter,Letters of Note is a celebration of the power of written correspondence which captures the humour, seriousness, sadness and brilliance that make up all of our lives.

The UK edition is out now. The US edition, published by Chronicle Books, is available May 6th. More info on Letters Of Note.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Doilies for Kristina

One of my lovely brides emailed over photos of her doilies in action! I love the table & the color palette.

Photo by the totally amazing Lauren Fair Photography.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Write a Love Letter

{My new love cards! See them on Etsy}

ALERT! ALERT!! Valentine's Day is in 2 days. TWO DAYS!!!!

Need a last minute idea for your sweetie? Look no further than a pen. Write them a love letter.

Now, I've talked about this before. I bring it up each year around this time. Why? Because around Valentine's Day, when everything you see is full of pre-written expressions of love & friendship, you could be giving your love muffin the most sincere expression of all…something original, straight from you.

Check out this article on Hallmark.com for simple, non-intimidating instructions on how to put your words to paper. Also, I've always like this article on the Art of Manliness. And you can of course refer to my previous posts on the topic - How do I love thee & Love Letter 2.0.

Happy Writing!

Monday, February 3, 2014

NSS :: Time to prep

In October, I announced my participation in the 2014 National Stationery Show. Hadn't said much about it since then. There hasn't been much to talk about to be honest. I've had a lot to think about & not much to act on. There is a lot of planning & sketching to do before I create anything…and the time for making my plans into actions is approaching.

There are certain things I've never done before - like design a tradeshow booth or create my catalog, so I've been pretty obsessed with those things. Add in an order form & a line sheet. I just feel more comfortable knocking out the things I've never done before. I've been developing products for years. I know how to do that! So I waited to start on any new products until now…the beginning of 2014.

The next few months I'm taking my letterpress ideas & executing them. (See the first three here) Plus! I think there are some things that I offer currently that I will not be taking to the show. I need to weed out what I know I can make on a wholesale level & the things I might not want to take to that level. 

That means more letterpress posts to come! I'm excited to get Victor up & running again. He had some printing issues in the Spring. Hopefully I figured it out…
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