Friday, July 27, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

Greetings from Key West!! Here are my 5 for Friday...

Triton Knot sailing bracelets from Kiel James Patrick. One of my girlfriends told me about them recently. The closure is an anchor! Might have to have one...

Boatman Geller on Pinterest. I'm addicted...

{picture courtesy of The Gardens Hotel}

The Gardens Hotel. We are in Key West for a family wedding & this is where we are staying. It's a little oasis! Our room is in that white building behind all the beautiful tropical plants. See! Oasis...

My 13inch MacBook Pro. Bringing my work on the road is not exactly a vacation, but it does make me more relaxed, knowing that I can get small things done while I'm away from home.

Ft. Zachery Taylor, Truman Annex, Key West. One of the best spots in Key West. The beach has lots of coral on it, so getting in the water is uncomfortable, but worth it. Good family spot, plenty of breeze to keep you cool &  great snack bar. If you can't get down here, just open their website...I find it a mini-getaway the second the page loads.

Happy Weekend!! If you're in Brooklyn this weekend, there are some fun events going on at the Dekalb Market - a teen chef battle this afternoon, Contra dance party tonight & a Brasil Summerfest tomorrow! Sunday there is Pop-Up Yoga. How cool is that?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dekalb Market turns 1!

This Saturday the Dekalb Market is celebrating their FIRST birthday! Come celebrate with free events - food tastings, live bands, a boucey house...even face painting. Plus, there will also be shopping specials from several of the vendors.

Come see us! An Etsy Artist Assembly will be open with it's usual cast of characters - air plants, pillows, lamps, photography (we have a new photographer!), leather goods, jewelry & plenty of cards & stationery.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arts & Crafts :: Tshirt Necklace

We have season tickets to the NY Rangers. I don't think I've mentioned that. We are big hockey fans around here. Occasionally, we get free tee shirts on the way in to the game. Freebies are great, but the tshirts are ALWAYS HUGE.  What's a girl to do with it?

Thanks to Melissa Esplin of I Still Love You, now I know. Make a necklace! Pictures of mine below. For the how-to, visit I Still Love You here. Do not be intimidated by this project. It is super easy & quick. If you can braid, this necklace can be yours!

{I can wear it long...}

{...or twisted in half!}

Thanks to Mr. B who took these pictures. Check out my aloof model look...ha! I'm too cool for school.

Friday, July 13, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

My new favorite blog is The Small Things Blog. Love the hair tutorials. Kate makes it all look easy & I have attempted several of her styles with success. Kate's sister, Lauren, also has a blog - From My Grey Desk. She has a link party each Friday called High 5 for Friday & in an attempt to get myself back in the habit of a regular Friday post I am joining the fun.

Here we go! My 5 favorite things recently...

1. Monday we picnicked with friends in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Why haven't we done that more often? It was great!

2. I love my husband :) He rocks.

3. As I reiterated in my last post, I've been drawing on our coffee mugs in the morning. Particularly proud of yesterday's creation. These are channel markers - on the left is a green can, on the right should be a red nun buoy, but my red marker was leaking so I threw it away. Pretend it's red.

4. Today, I'm rocking it out in our container at the Dekalb Market. Proud of our group at An Etsy Artist Assembly. The shop looks great!

5. The Beach Buggy...our boat. Can't wait to go for a ride tomorrow.

Want to share? Comment here, or head over to My Grey Desk & join the fun. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coffee Mug Magic

Anyone remember when I posted pictures of my morning coffee? I've been dressing up our white coffee mugs in the morning so that I can tell my semi-sweet coffee from my husband's super sweet coffee. It's about time I shared some more of my doodles...

BTW, I usually take these before I've filled the mugs with coffee i.e. I am still half asleep. Pardon my blurry shots & bad framing...

These are self explanatory... are these I think. Man = husband = Chris. Woman = wife = me :)

Left: sailboat on a broad reach. Right: Our (imaginary) cocktail cruiser 

They don't always match. This day I thought Mr. B needed a shooting star to get him motivated for a good day. I was filling silly - so I drew the mustache for myself. Hee, hee!

As always, more to come...

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