Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Late really better than Never? Valentine's Day in April...

Hi gang!!

Like I said the other week, life has not been all doom & gloom for me and I have been able to dabble in some crafty stationery fun!

Enter my Valentine's Day cards. It was one large experiment. Had my first ever experience ordering polymer letterpress plates from Boxcar Press. Had my first ever ink ordering experience. I went on the hunt for paper & got LOTS of samples. Then, I put my limited use of letterpressing to use by going to The Arm, here in Brooklyn & got busy. Here is the result:

(I sent them with either light pink or hot pink envelopes because the ink is a pinky-red)

(You can tell that's a heart, right?)

(my girlfriends loved this one! Insert squeal of delight!)

What do you think? Mostly, I sent them out to friends, but when I get the chance to do these things, I try to send a few out as promotional pieces. Like to my wedding planner...Ivy, are you listening? ;)

More projects on the way. I'm not going to say I'm finally back to blogging because I think that would be a jinx. Life tends to have other plans for me...so I'll just say, see you soon!

Happy Monday!

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