Monday, May 17, 2010

A guestbook you can sit on...

I had the divine pleasure of attending my cousin Kate's wedding, this past weekend, at a girls camp in upstate New York. It was a beautiful weekend, full of family reunions, an open bar & Irish line dancing. I'm not kidding. Super fun! It looked something like this. But I digress. What really applies to this blog is...

Gone are the days when guests showed up at a wedding & wrote their name in a book to show they'd attended a wedding ceremony. I give you a new surface...Kate's guest book consisted of 2 Adirondack Chairs & a couple of pens.

That's right folks! Guests of the wedding were asked to write messages to the couple on a set of Adirondack chairs with paint pens. And they did...all over the chairs. As you may imagine, the arms of the chairs were taken first. Luckily, this is a creative crowd.

The next day, the groom (Welcome to the family, Matt!) covered them in a Krylon Clear Coat to seal them. They dry in about 10 minutes, but Matt suggested waiting an hour to move them. As you can see, guests really had fun with their messages & it will be something Kate & Matt can enjoy for years to come.

Congratulations Katie & Matt! It was a wonderful weekend!

If anyone has other fun ideas for a "guestbook" leave them in the comments section or email me & I'll share the best ones!

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Kerry said...

This is a really neat idea, I wish my wedding was in the summer to steal it. Kind of reminds me of something we did with a beer pong table back in this is way classier.

Thanks for the blog love, hope to see you back one day!

(p.s. the word verification that I have to type in to leave this comment is "stonr." That made my day)

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