Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get your supplies together!

(Find this stamp box here. Not necessary, but so fun!)

At Target the other day I noticed all the school supplies are already out, so I thought perhaps the next installment in our series on hand written notes would be about that...supplies!

What do you need to write a note? Well, it is obvious, right? A paper & a pen! The next question is what do you select first? No matter what you prefer to start with, you eventually need them both. You have to start some where though. I pick my paper first, largely because I select it by occasion. Besides, the pen in my hand is almost always the same, especially for note writing. I am in love with Pilot pens, of all kinds, but especially my Pilot G-2 Gel Pen. For our purposes, though, whatever feels good in your hand & has plenty of ink in it will suffice.

Several resources, including The Art of the Handwritten Note, which I quoted in my previous post, suggest having a "starter set" of stationery handy. Choose some simple notes...maybe just some all purpose cream or white folded cards...and keep them together with envelopes, stamps & your pen or pens. Put them in a nice basket, in a place that they are easy to access. Mine sit in a mail holder next to my desk. The idea is to make note writing a fun & easy thing to do.

Where do you get said simple notes? Almost anywhere. I have seen sets at Staples & at Target. If you are in my 'hood (Brooklyn!) I suggest Papel NY. Great card selection as well as stationery. Etsy, of course, has lots of cards & papers for sale (hello, plug for the K. Batty shop!), or you could check out several other online options. Here are some of my faves:

Paper Source, for plain paper, all things crafty & fun demos on their products
Papyrus, for funky cards
The Paper Cottage, for everything preppy
Paper & Cup, for fun & well designed everything

And then there is always the classic...Crane's. (sigh)

I hope this post breaks down note writing a bit for you. As I said previously, it isn't a huge task to write someone a note. You just need a few simple things & a few words.

Happy writing :)

*** If you order monogrammed notes from the K. Batty shop between now & next Wednesday, enter SUPPLIES in the messages to seller. I'll complete your starter stationery set with stamps & a pen! Plus, from now until the 25th you can get 10% off your order & free shipping during the Christmas in July sale! Whoo hooo!!***


Stacy Rajab said...

Writing notes can be simple - like you say. A simple, "thank you," can usually do!

kbatty said...

Yes! I totally agree. Stacy, thanks for the follow & for coming by the blog! See ya soon!

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