Thursday, November 11, 2010

Merry, Happy, Joy & Love

Hi again, blog readers! Remember the other day when I said I had more to share? Well, here I am, coming through on that promise.

Last Spring I participated in the 2010 Holiday Challenge, which I posted about on this blog. Here. And here. And here. They didn't win any awards this time around, sadly. I mean, there were only 1300 plus designs! Gees... :) Anywho, my designs did get some great votes & positive feedback.

So!! Here they are, now available for release on my Etsy shop.

Peace, Hope, Joy in Green - listed on my Etsy shop

Peace, Hope, Joy also comes in Red, above & Blue, below

Peace, Hope, Joy
is 5 x 7 & features one large photo. The message is customizable (see other colors for examples). Angel Noel (below) is 4 x 9.25, fits in a long rectangular no. 10 envelope & features 5 of your photos. Great for a family montage!

Isn't the angel cute? I drew her!

You can also get these as a PDF or jpeg that you can print at home or take to the printer of your choice. Check out those listings here for Peace, Hope, Joy or here for Angel Noel, on my Etsy shop.

I have 2 holiday promotions coming up! Stay tuned!!!

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