Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dekalb Market Events

 The other week I posted about my involvement at the Dekalb Market in An Etsy Artist Assembly. The container is looking great & word seems to be spreading about the market. Yeah!

If you've been waiting to check it out, perhaps you'll be interested in some of the special events coming up.

Dance Par-Tay - May 12th  - yes, that's right. A dance party. Click here for more info & tickets.

Roller Disco with Down & Derby - Friday, May 18th - More info here.

Bike Tours! - Every Friday! -  Velo City is offering tours leaving the markets on Fridays. Email Karyn for more info.

Also! Saturday night marked the first Twlight Market at Dekalb. We had a band, a DJ, plenty of beer & mimosas. It was a great time! Thanks to everyone who came in. Hope to see more smiling faces at the next market night, next month.

Just a reminder - the container is open 7 days a week! If you want to catch me there, Tuesdays are my work days. Come say hi!

PS There was a Lobster Fiesta put on by the Red Hook Lobster Pound last weekend. Stay tuned for more!!

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