Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I want to send you a birthday card!

It hit me on my birthday last year…Facebook has replaced the birthday card.

Don't mistake me. It made me so glad to see how many people thought of me on my birthday & posted on my wall. Thanks Facebook for making sure they knew it was my big day. I am super grateful for the times you've reminded me about someone's special day.

Then, I got a little sad…no cards for me. No snail mail. Even my inbox is just full of bills these days. Booooo!!!

So, this year I want to start a new initiative! Do you like getting snail mail? 'Cause I do & I want to send some to you. I want to send you a card for your birthday.

Fill in THIS FORM to give me your name, address & birthday. All information will be kept confidential. I'm not even asking for the year you were born. Who cares?! You're not signing up for my newsletter & I'm not going to send you any promotional anything. Just a birthday card.  One entry per person please. If you'd like me to send cards to anyone else, send them this post & make sure they sign up.

Cards will go out during your birthday month. Smiles will be put on faces…yours as well as mine!

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