Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My First 2-Color Job

I've been spending lots of time on the press lately & am super excited to show my first 2 designs that I printed in TWO colors!!

Look at that registration. Man, that makes me happy. This is a new design - love, from me. Now that I've inked it, it's time to take some photos & put it on Etsy!

I've learned some neat tricks about setting up my designs for easy registration. Glad to be putting them to use AND that they work. (as I wipe my forehead with relief & exhale...) I'm also super excited to move my Mother's Day designs to the press. YAY!!!

Also! I'm trying a new color on the press - metallic gold. Seeing my press all shimmery in this color makes me so happy, I'm practically giddy. You'll love it too, I'm will Mom which is why I chose Mother's Day cards to debut it. Special ink for a special lady!

Notice the square format of my photos? Well! These are all things I posted on Instagram  over the weekend. Come join me! It's my social media outlet of choice at the moment.

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