Friday, July 15, 2011

Letterpress & Weddings - the perfect marriage

{My letterpress wedding invites. Designed by me, printed in Charlotte, NC. See more pictures here}

Right now, letterpress is mostly known for those AMAZING wedding invitation suites that show up in your mailbox in the Spring time. And while this so popular right now, I've waited to post about letterpressed wedding invites. It seemed...obvious. There are so many other beautiful uses for it!

However, there is no denying the truth that, on a wedding invitation, is where letterpress shines. There was not a question in my mind for me when I got engaged - everything would be letterpressed. Period. End.

So, brace yourselves...let's take a look at a few...

Been waiting to share this suite for at least a year. The blind letterpress with the taupe is unbelievable simple & elegant at the same time. I met Czar Press last year at the National Stationery Show. They have both printing and design services. Due to the fact that this post would be a mile long if I included all the photos of this suite, I'm only showing the RSVP card here, which shows the quality of the impression on the heavy cotton paper. See the rest of this suite, along with other amazing projects of theirs on their website and blog. Prepare for amazement.

{Era Letterpress from Paper + Cup - Edwardian Suite}

Minhee Park at Paper + Cup has a great eye & incredible talent as a designer. Her letterpress line is called Era Letterpress. Designs for all kinds of brides, they are all well done & quite frankly it's hard to choose a favorite. This one spoke to me because of the intricate design on the invitation card paired with the whimsical design (also letterpressed) on the envelope. Great combo!

I think I've talked about Goosefish Press before. Rob is the nicest guy in the world & has a great studio. He won the 2010 Best of Boston Award for Best Stationery - that's street cred if I ever heard it. Honestly, when I want to show his work, I have a hard time deciding what the representative piece should be. He is capable of such a range of amazing creations. Check out his work on his website.

The Happy Envelope is a great site that offers letterpress or flat printing. Let's be honest...letterpress is amazing, but it is not cheap. It will not fit into all brides' budgets and if the invitations are an after thought for you, it would not be money well spent anyway. But we're here to drool, so on with it! Letterpress is elegant no matter the simplicity or complexity if the design. This suite happens to show off the complex side. Check out all those fine lines. I just want to run my fingers over it & feel them. (wait, was that weird??)

Last but not least are Jake & Rachael from Pistachio Press that I have been featuring lately here on the blog. This year at the National Stationery show, they took home 1st prize Best New Product for their Marriage Telegram suite that I mentioned in an earlier post. See it here on their blog. And check out more of this color suite, Wistful, pictured above, on their blog as well. Keep up the awesome work, you guys!

I could keep going. Like with anything over at Bella Figura. Or any of these featured suites at Oh So Beautiful Paper. Oh, and pretty much anything at Mr. Boddington's.

Seriously, what you see here literally a tiny smattering of all the great things out there. Seriously, the tip of the iceberg. Crane's is a classic, and like all things, checks the letterpress box nicely with these very simple invites. So if you are looking for wedding invites, thinking about letterpress & the choices seem overwhelming, start there. You will catch the bug soon enough :)

Anyone reading have letterpress invites at their wedding? Share them & I will post about them here!

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