Thursday, July 7, 2011

Link Love :: Getting your letterpress fix online

This month is about all things letterpress, but frequent readers of this blog know that I talk about it regularly. It creeps into my Cards of the Week posts all the time. July is just an excuse to go overboard talking about it. Hee, hee!!

So! Since my apartment does not have room for the proper equipment & I must rent press time, what's a letterpress-loving girl to do? I turn to the web. Here are some of the sites I've bookmarked for when I am jonesin' to trade my couch for a Vandercook:

Adventures in Letterpress
- by SunLit Press
Briarpress - great resource for all things letterpress
BoxCar Press - more a resource for plate making, but I stop in to see what they're up to.
Goosefish Press - a friend of mine runs this letterpress studio in Boston
Crane Stationery - I just like to browse their cards
PaperCrave &/or Invitation Crush - (le sigh)
Oh So Beautiful Paper - also check out their sponsors. Usually some great letterpress printers there.
Ladies of Letterpress
I Love Letterpress - good resources for finding printers and BEAUTIFUL pieces.
Czar Press - their site and their blog.

There are others - such as Snippet & Ink - who feature letterpress on a regular basis. Check out my side column here (love it? link to it) for more, particularly Sideshow Press. I don't visit all of these every day {unless someone wants to pay me to read blogs all day...please} but these are my regular check-ins.

I'm adding new ones all the time so if you have a letterpress, printing, stationery, paper, etc. blog you like, send it on over. I want to see!

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