Thursday, December 15, 2011

K. Batty = Wild Sucess!

{Our table - I shared with my bff Sara from Romey & Zoey Creations.}

Last weekend was the First Annual P.S. 8 Craft Fair & I couldn't be more excited about the results of the afternoon. It went well. Very well.

Let's assess...

What went right: First, I brought a ton of Christmas cards. I sold at least one set of all of them, but the the happy holidays cards were the most popular. Heard at my table more than once: "We could use these for tips for our doorman!" That had never occurred to me, but gave me an idea for next year...

{Choose Your Own Holiday Greeting Notecards}

Also selling well on the table were my framed monogram cards. Dottie monogram got a little love, but the frame stamp was the favorite of the day. Have to say, that's my fave too. Next time, I will bring more of those.

{Framed Monogram Note Cards}

What went wrong: Almost nothing, however I was surprised that no one bought thank you notes. Literally not one.

What went AMAZING: The compliments! Plus, 2 people stopped by wanting to either sell my cards in their retail store or possibly give them some press. YEAH!

Will their be more fairs in my future? Maybe!! I had a great time & enjoyed the experience so I wouldn't rule it out. It will be important to pick which one to try next. Stay tuned...

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