Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello, Paper Lovers!

Hi Fans and Friends of K.Batty!

I'm Sara Stroman. Yesterday, Kerry very nicely posted a blog introducing me, but it seems to lack some information, so I'll post today about well, me and in my next post we'll get right to business on being obsessed with paper!

I am Sara and the owner of S2 Stationery and Design.I started the company in the late summer of 2009 and haven't looked back! The only unfortunate aspect of the business is that I am not 100% full-time; I run a part-time business while working a full-time job. It has it's good and bad and I've learned more recently to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get creative juices flowing before I lose them during the grind of the 9-to-5.

The legend behind the creation of S2 Stationery and Design is a bit fun. In 2009, while traveling around Italy for 15 days, after running the Rome Marathon, I had a dream that involved me opening an envelope and pulling out a note card. I do not recall what the note card looked like, I don't even think I saw the note card. Instead what I noticed was the envelope-it was lined and gorgeous- and it startled me awake from my sleep.

I knew in that moment that this was my calling. I also knew that I needed to figure out how to bring my love and passion for paper to my every day life and keep it a sustainable way of life and income.

Almost three years later, I am pleased to say my paper obsession is only growing. I had to put myself on a paper limit because I don't like using the paper I buy and my stock of one sheets are getting a bit out-of-hand.

Just to give you an idea of what I love about paper, I'm sharing photos of a few sets I've created that emphasis paper, both bold, quirky, and fun.

Starburst Purple and Yellow Stationery Set with Lined Envelopes - Paper from India

Black and Gold Flowers Layered Wedding Invitation with Lined Envelopes- Paper from Nepal

Blue Fern Upcycled Envelopes Set - Limited Edition - Heavy Paper Stock withFern Prints dated 1989

Personalized Large Blue Flowers Stationery - Flowers from Japanese paper, individually hand cut

I think I may have a thing for flowers and the color blue, right? Either way, I love paper of all kinds and you'll see that as we explore paper together.

My website has more photos of my work (that doesn't include flowers). You can also find more images and designs in my Etsy shop. I am so excited to be guest blogging on Kerry's lovely blog. I hope you find this topic as fascinating as I do and if not, well, maybe you'll be swayed just a twinge when I'm done.

Next time, I post, I'll be sure to share where I'm finding these gems, where you can too, what you can use them form, and include some history.

Oh, and please, I ask that you share any of your favorites and findings in the comments section. I like learning from others. 


kbatty said...

Great intro post :) super glad to have you on the blog, Sara!

Michelle said...

I love the lined envelopes, so pretty!

birdy27 said...

very cool! great idea to have sara as guest blogger! i love your designs. and i love the blue flowers! ;)

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