Friday, June 8, 2012

Did you hear that?

It was me exhaling. For a few reasons...

First, I'm sitting down. Second, I'm sitting down AT HOME. Third, I'm sitting down at home & writing on my blog. Now I want to stand up, scream Yippee!! and click my heels together!!

What do talk about first?? I should probably share the most relevant information - I have 2 new products out for Father's Day. Ta-da! Presenting This is a Father's Day Card and Dad Rocks...

 {Check them out here and here on my Etsy shop}

I'd love to share some of the work I've been doing, outside of stationery, but that wouldn't be kosher with my clients. So, I'll just say that I've been working with my husband Chris, creating some fun visuals for a new business website that will launch in the Fall.

Also, our company - well, our other company that is really more my husband's I guess. It is called Velocity Made Good (VMG for short) - is helping raise revenue for a ski/snowboard website called Unofficial Networks. In normal people speak, that means we're going to help them sell ads & create marketing partnerships & events with cool brands to make us all some money.

We went out there in May to get to know them & kick off our partnership. Out there is Lake Tahoe, California, at the base of Squaw Valley. Yeah...not a shabby place to work. See...

There is not a filter on that picture. It's just that amazing there. Oh, and there was a super moon while we were there - a full moon that appears even bigger & fuller than normal. It was so cool to see it come up over the lake. The pictures don't really do it justice.

It was also Cinco de Mayo, but we won't get into that... If you are looking to laugh for an hour, check out Unofficial's original production called G.N.A.R. the Movie. So. Funny. It's possible that this could be considered NSFW, but it's really pretty tame.

I'll show some work for that project later. For now, I have to get off this computer. Today is my niece's birthday & cupcakes must be eaten. You guys may have read my post from her party last year. Look at her now...Kids grow like weeds!

Happy weekend!

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