Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Mug Magic

My girlfriend {and blog reader!!}, Aynsley, sent me this great mug idea today. See picture above...Chalkboard Mugs! Another fun way to make your morning...or afternoon...more interesting. I like the chalk marker...regular chalk sounds messy. I can imagine the mess you'd make of your message and/or your hand. It's the same with the dry erase markers, though I suppose. Gotta use the handle!

A quick internet search came up with a few places to buy Amazon or Etsy. And of course, you could make one. I love the way both Wit & Whistle & The DIY Club have both used the chalkboard paint. Not your average paint job.

{I need more colors! Dry erase markers at Amazon}

For now I'm sticking to dry erase markers, but maybe for the holidays I'll expand to chalkboard paint. Chalkboard mugs would make great gifts with my homemade hot chocolate! Somehow I just know that the second I start painting anything with chalkboard paint, I'm going to cover everything in it.

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magic mugs said...

A really magical photo mug that is translucent black at first but when filled with hot liquid, the image emerges on the surface, gradually. This mug is translucent black on the outside (when cold. When hot, it is white) and white on the inside.

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