Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snowflakes in August

Last weekend we had a fun Christmas promotion at the Dekalb Market. Christmas in August!! To help decorate the shop, I made paper snowflakes. It was a labor of love, but the results were awesome!

Start with a square piece of paper...I used 8x8 inches. Fold according to instructions. Found here or here. Grab some sharp scissors & have some fun! My results:

The before & after : my triangle all cut up & read for unfolding. Drumroll...Amazing!

Again, my before & after. Those points were tough to make. Very easy to cut through the folds in the wrong place.

I love the spikes! I will definitely try some of this again.

Both tutorials that I mentioned were great, showing before & afters as I've done above. I found that to be a good inspiration & it gave me a little bit of an idea as to the shapes I would was making.  Mostly, though it was a surprise to see what I'd created. Also, they give some great ideas on both sites for designs, this one more for the beginner & this one more for someone handy with scissors.

For displaying them, we taped them up in the windows, but I seem to remember using paper clips as a kid to hang them on the tree. 

I think I'll make more when the holidays actually arrive!

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