Thursday, February 14, 2013

May Cupid's Arrow Be Straight!

Happy Day of Love my friends!

This year on Valentine's Day I want to make sure that you feel the love & appreciation I have for all of you who read my blog & support my business. I LOVE to make stationery & greeting cards. Thank you for letting me do that for you!

How 'bout a freebie to show you how much I care??

I took a calligraphy workshop last week with Bryn of Paperfinger Calligraphy. It. Was. So. Much. Fun!!! I met some lovely ladies, including Bryn & have been hard at work practicing my new craft. To celebrate Valentine's Day & show off my new skills, here is a Valentine's Day card for you, featuring calligraphy by me.


Follow this link to download the card from the public folder on my Dropbox. Thank you for respecting that this is for personal use only.

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