Friday, February 22, 2013

Why letters are important!

I say it on this blog, on my website and on my Etsy shop every chance I get:

And today the proof is in the pudding...

...or rather the telegram. Rachel of Attic 17 collects & sells vintage ephemera. Knowing her love of old paper & things, her brother gave her a box of it for Christmas. An intriguing telegram was inside, something that held her special attention, something that clearly marked an important moment in time for 2 people, Kay & Donald. And now, literally 55 years later, thanks to the magic of Google,  Rachel is able to return this telegram to Kay, who lost Donald last year & is very thankful to this total stranger for providing another memory of her late husband.

No one is ever (ok, probably never) going to find a meaningful email that you sent 50 years ago. The server it was sitting on will be long gone. Notes, letters, cards...and telegrams...that's a different story. Those are the things we save, the things we'll be pulling out here & there over the years to read & remember.

An example...

My dad sent me a card a few years ago with pictures in it of a trip we'd taken YEARS ago. He found them in a box somewhere & thought I'd like to have them. In the note, he told me a little of what's going on at home & some parts of our trip that he remembered. That is a keeper to me! I love to pull it out & read it. I remember the trip, the horses we road, the people we met, the time we spent together.

So, again...a reminder!
Nothing will replace the sincerity of a hand written note! Buy some stamps, pick up a pen & show someone you care by sending them a note.

I'm not talking a diatribe...just a hi, how are ya, happy birthday. How about Happy Friday!

Read the original post on Attic 17 here, the follow up here. Rachel has a lovely Etsy shop where she sells her vintage finds. I read about it on Snippet & Ink. AWESOME wedding blog!

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