Thursday, September 26, 2013

Four Year Anniversary Awesomeness

4 Years ago today I became Mrs. Christopher P Batty!! I'm not sure if everyone feels this way...and sorry to be super cheesy here...but the time has gone by really fast. Cliché alert : The wedding feels like yesterday.

We do not have big plans this year. As a matter of fact we didn't really make a plan at all. Just the commitment to have dinner out so the dishwasher (that's me) can have the night off. And! We will leave our phones AT HOME.

Let's take a look at where we've been in the 4 years since the big day:

{Conch Republic flag outside of Krawl off Duval, Key West, FL}

The first thing that happened is we went to Georgia on our honeymoon. And next, our niece Molly was born. Then, in no particular order: We have moved. We lost one dog & got a new puppy. Chris left one job, looked for a new one & we ended up with our own company. We went to Barbados, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, LA (a few times), Annapolis, Key West (also a few times) & have plans to visit New Orleans & Playa del Carmen. Oh, how can I forget to list our trip to Pittsburgh for my letterpress!?

We have been to like 15 weddings. We went to 1 NBA game - Go Nets! We've seen John Prine in concert a few times, as well as Kermit Ruffins. We've also seen Ben Folds, My Morning Jacket & George Porter. Oh! Tuesday we saw Sara Jarosz! Love her!

We have probably been to 160 Ranger's games. Give or take. Which means we've had approximately 80 sausage sandwiches from the Sausage Boss  & about 80 brisket sandwiches from the Hill Country stand at MSG. How many beers?? Are we talking just at the games or including our pre or post game pints?

Ug, I think I need to go for a run...

I have not counted our kisses or hugs...but there are too many to even guess. I look forward to still being unable to keep track of them in the future.  Love you Mr. B! Happy Anniversary!!

PS If anyone has an anniversary coming up, check out this interesting guide on on what is appropriate for each year. Love the Traditional vs Modern suggestions...

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