Friday, November 30, 2012

High 5 for Friday :: Ode to Rosepose

High 5 for Friday!! Today is a bittersweet post.'s my birthday, which is sweet. But, I've picked a kind of sad topic for my Friday post. Almost a week ago, my sweet almost 18 year old dog, Rose, went to dog heaven. We are all very sad. No matter how long she lived, it would never have been long enough.

However!! This week, I have been remembering all the wonderful, silly things about my dog from her younger years. So, I thought I'd share some for my H54F.

This used to be a pretty typical scene - Rose & me acting silly. This was at my grandmother's house YEARS ago. Rose was probably 4 or 5 in this picture. We used to roll around on the floor all the time. The ball in her mouth could mean - throw it - or it could merely be a ploy to start a wrestle-fest. She would get right up to you - literally ON you & roll over on her belly with the ball in her mouth.

My dog was a total cuddle cookie. Even in her old age, she just liked to be touching me. She would come up behind me & just stand with some part of her body touching me. The picture above was a typical pose in her younger days. Sitting so she's touching you, she'd look up at you with her big brown eyes WAY bigger than you ever thought they could be and wag the VERY end of her tail. Ever seen a lab do that? I am still baffled how she could have that baseball bat of a tail & only wag the very last inch and a half.

Rose LOVED to be dressed up and she LOVED to have her picture taken. I am not kidding. I know it's hard to tell here, but she loved this. We have a picture of her in an angel costume & she is literally smiling.

If Rose didn't have a ball in her mouth, it was a frisbee. If you threw them both at the same time, she's go for the frisbee. She never jumped in the air to get it. My dog was no dummy - she knew that thing was coming down...

Rose was the SWEETEST most trusting dog you have met in your life. This is the conversation my family had when I announced I was moving to New York City.

Mom: Well, at least you have Rose to keep you safe.
My brother: What?! Why? Because she will lick the intruders to death?

Rose was so sweet that people who were afraid of dogs snuggled up to her. And! One time, on a walk on the beach in Miami, she actually took the seaweed off the beach & threw it back in the water. No kidding. My mom was a witness. It was insane.

So! This week, while I am sad to my core, I am also grateful for Rose & all the wonderful memories I have of her. I will continue to laugh as I remember all our adventures together!

Thanks for listening! I know this was not the happiest of High 5 for Fridays...but in a way it is. It's a celebration of happy times :) Have a good weekend!

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