Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane :: Bermuda 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, this time last year, New York was looking around at the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. And we were escaping to Bermuda for the wedding of Tim & Lora Konrad. We felt REALLY guilty. For about a minute. 

Looking back through these photos provides an instant mini vacation. I had to share more from that trip!!

Pink beaches, billowy clouds & clear ocean water. Yes. I'll take it. Even though it was a little chilly. For me. Most of the New Yorkers were not only in the swim suits, but swimming. Me? I wish my blood was thick enough…I did happily catch up on some Vitamin D in my beach chair, just with most of my clothing on.

Most everyone stayed at The Coral Beach Club. It is beautiful & frozen in time. We LOVED it!! It has been meticulously maintained. This is an old-school place to stay with excellent service, beautiful grounds & the sweetest bar (above) you've ever had happy hour in.

Friday night, the families welcomed everyone with a cocktail cruise on Hamilton Bay and dinner at The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

The ceremony on Saturday was at The Unfinished Church in St. George's. It was amazeballs!! Started in 1874, it was never finished due to a variety of reasons & is now, along with the town of St. George's, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The reception went down back at The Coral Beach Club. There were drinks, there was dancing…there was also a bonfire on the beach & wish lanterns we all set off into the night. Again…amazeballs…I took those 2 pictures above with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Pretty impressed with myself. Thank you bonfire for amazing back light!

I don't usually talk about fashion here, but I have to mention my fabulous accessories from Love of Pretty. Sarah McBriar is the proprietor & you may remember her & her lovely jewelry from the Dekalb Market. Sarah & I made a little exchange…my design labor for some jewelry. I have worn these earrings (similar here) and the Gold Pearl Anchor Bracelet about a million times since then. They are 2 of my favorites. 

Again, congrats Tim & Lora on year 1 of marriage. Best wishes for many many more!

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