Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Talk :: Nightly Doodles

It's Tuesday, November 5th…Election Day!! And since it is also the first Tuesday of the month, it's time for Tuesday Talk.

{Jen's selfie!}

This month I present Jenipher from Nightly Doodles. She is a fellow Etsy team member. She is an illustrator. Her shop motto: Encouraging and Silly Artwork for Children…I guess that means I'm a child at heart because I love her whimsical style & encouraging words.

Let's chat:

Hi! Introduce yourself:

Hi I’m Jenipher! I have a business called Nightly Doodles, where i doodle vibrant colorful, encouraging doodles to brighten you day! Like the perfect New Yorker, I’m a lady of many hats. In addition to “Nightly Doodles”, I have a jewelry business called “Cherry Runway”, do social media for two businesses and babysit.  TA DA!!!

Your Etsy profile says you love cupcakes. Yummmmm! Where do you buy your cupcakes? Favorite flavor??

Anything with chocolate mint is my GO TO flavor, for just about anything in the whole wide world, lol. My fiancée and I pretty much are always on the lookout for cupcakes, so I can’t give you an exact place where I buy them. Billy’s Cupcakes, in NYC, is really good though! Also Raphsodic Bakery in Orlando Florida,  is amazing!

Tell us something NOT in your Etsy profile.

I’m writing a book! :)

My goal is to have a super honest, encouraging, vibrant book for ladies mostly, in a zine type format to promote more towards teens to help them feel less alone. Right now I'm thinking quick sad or funny, truthful stories about my life and lots of my new "lovely girl" drawings. Think: getting made fun of, then 10 years later being told I am strong and impressive for still "waiting" for the right person. Or not realizing I literally wasn't dumb until 2010. It’s essentially a colorful book about taking hurts and finding joy!

When did you start doodling?

In 2010, while going through a hard time in life, I started a doodle project called "Nightly Doodles". I have continuously drawn one doodle just about every night and posted it to various web pages to inspire others and keep myself accountable. I am really proud of how those 'Nightly Doodles' have grown into hangable artwork, tote bags, and even baby onesies! My drawings are mostly whimsical punny doodles and happy, encouraging words of wisdom and that EVERYONE [especially women and girls] NEED to hear!"

...affirming people is very very important to me. My drawings are my small contribution to make the big world a better place; one smile at a time. I really do hope the messages I share inspire people to feel like they are NOT alone and help them through hard times, just like they have helped me.

How did you decide that your doodles should be cards?

That’s super cool actually! I was actually posting little black and white pen drawings online, then dropping color on them with Photoshop, and a gallery owner approached me to encourage me to sell them! That gave me the confidence to apply for a grant… and I won! Crazypants!

What do you love about stationery?

Oh man! I’ve ALWAYS loved stationery! I love that it’s an affordable way to support artists, and that it’s so easy to find something super special for someone you care about.

Describe your online store:

It’s a mixture of super cute, whimsical, some times funny/punny cards, prints and zines. When you go to my shop, you pretty much enter my brain. So … welcome! Would you like a cup of tea?

What made you want to join EtsyNY? How as team membership helped you?

I actually wanted to join the month I moved here and missed the meeting twice that year! I was crushed, but since it took so long to acclimate to NY life, I’m pretty glad I didn’t join until this year. Within two weeks of joining Etsy NY, I was accepted into the Spring Cavalcade AND Better Than Jam on Governors Island, which was a complete blessing!

Tell me the best greeting card you’ve ever received!

That’s easy! In 2008, YEARS before my fiancée and I started dating, he sent me a beautiful Papaya card. When I opened it, he filled BOTH SIDES in teeny tiny writing with the most thoughtful and sweet letter I’ve ever received. Inside was also a “Good for one Wish” token which he then used when he proposed to me this past March! YAY!!

When you want to send someone a card, what do you send? Where do you shop for cards?

My shelf in the living room where I keep my Nightly Doodles cards? No, but really, I’m always on the look out for something unique or adorable. Or just artwork to hang in my apartment.

What are your business plans for the rest of the year? Any predictions for things to come in 2014?

I’m participating in Lilla Roger’s licensing class; “Make Art That Sells” in November. Hooray! But! My PASSION is with my book I'm writing! It's the book I wish that I'd had when I was a teen.

Jenipher! Thanks so much for hanging out in my little corner of the internet. You guys can read more about her book here on her blog. Also, if you want updates on how it's coming along, visit Jenipher on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. And!! If you like the examples of Jenipher's work in this post, then you'll want to run over to her Etsy shop for loads more.

PS I conducted this interview with Jenipher over the summer. She & her fiancé have since become husband & wife. Congrats to them!!

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