Friday, October 25, 2013

NSS or Bust

{the floor at the National Stationery Show, via}

Big announcement!!!


OMG, just typing that makes my hands & feet sweat. That's what my body does when I get nervous. My hands & feet turn into a hot mess. That was probably TMI...

I love selling at markets, but I don't love doing it every weekend or even every month. Greeting cards is a very occasion based business to be in. Even though many more people are sending them these days, it is still hard to justify the costs of markets each weekend. And don't even get me started on the time it takes to do them. 

Boy, do I miss the Dekalb Market & having a regular retail location. That was the best.

So, to grow my business, I am looking to wholesale. I am looking forward to forming relationships with stores & sellers who interact with my target market, who have insight into what they are buying. My goal for the show is to write 5 orders with potential recurring clients. Some stationers write 3 orders at their first show, some 20...some don't write any at all. My business goals are not just about selling my products but about forming relationships with people who like what I have to offer & want to work with me as much as I with them.

Sending cards, notes & sweet paper items is so much about relationships - not only those that you have with friends which inspire you to send cards or use fun wrapping paper BUT ALSO!! The relationship that I have with all of you, my clients & potential clients... Well, at least the one I have in my mind that inspires you to send cards... {insert big toothy grin}

So, my goals for the show are to have products that showcase my talents & start building new exciting relationships through them.

Stay tuned as I share the details on how this will all come together.  Come hell or high water, on May 18th, the doors of the Jacob Javits Center here in New York will open & I will be ready!!

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