Sunday, March 16, 2014

Irish Freebie :: St Patrick's Day Banner

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! Download my free banner and grab a pint of Guinness to get yourself in the mood!

It's easy to put together. You need string or ribbon, computer paper to print on, scissors & your choice of glue. I tried double-sided tape & a glue stick. The glue stick was the best choice.

Print the below sheet as many times as you need to get the length banner you'd like. One sheet makes about a 2 - 3 ft banner (depending on spacing of your pieces).

Cut out the pieces. Fold them in half so that the long points meet. Place them around your string & glue the insides together. See! Easy peasy.

I'm trying out a new-to-me site called Issuu for this freebie. Use the widget below to access the banner pdf. Send photos of your banner! I'd love to see!

If this isn't your speed, no worries. There are loads of great ideas for St. Patrick's Day on the Blogosphere. Here are a few of my favorites:

FREE Bracelets on the 30 Days Blog
Ombre Shamrock tshirt from The Country Chic Cottage
Boozy Irish Car Bomb Trifle from Two in the Kitchen
5 Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day on The House that Lars Built

Slainte!! (prounounced Slan-sha)

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