Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Shower Challenge - I'm in!

Today, voting opened up for's February challenge - Showers! Baby shower or bridal shower, your choice. I have 2 entries in - both somewhat inspired by invites I worked on recently for a friend's baby shower (which is this weekend, so look for a wrap up next week!).

Here are my invites, plus a few others that I think are really well done.

{This one is called Please Join Us by me! Vote for it at Minted here.}

{This one, also by me, is Roy G Biv. Love all the colors! Vote for it here.}

{Elephant Family by Astacia Henspetter. So freakin' cute! Vote for it here.}

{Sugar and Spice Everything Nice by Courtney Wilburn. Vote for it here.}

I could have filled up pages of this blog with the fabulous entries in this competition. Head over to Minted & check out the designs if you have time. Everyone (especially me, the newbie) appreciates the votes & comments. There are lots of talented peeps in the competition. Browsing the entries is eye candy!

Happy Wednesday!

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