Thursday, February 3, 2011


Feb 1 - 28, people from all over have stepped up to the "Thing-A-Day" challenge. First started by a professor at NYU, this month of creative thinking is open to anyone and is exactly what it's title says it is. You make something...anything...each day. Could be dinner. Could be a pillow. Someone on the NewNew Team made miniature vegetables last year.

Registration to participate is closed now that it's started but you can follow the creating on the Thing-A-Day Posterous site.

All participants are posting to the Thing-A-Day feed & I also have my own page for Thing-A-Day fun. Check it out! Let me know if you stop by :)

I thought, "this would be the perfect way to do a creative deep dive & jump start my goals for this year! Heck yeah!!" Then, my husband said, "why don't we get out of this snow bank that is Brooklyn & spend a few days in Barbados?"

Gotta finish packing...stay tuned for more!

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