Friday, April 8, 2011

Cards of the week - baaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Spring is here! Easter is coming & so are all the fun symbols that remind us of it. Bright pastels arrive with bunnies, Peeps, sheep & more. April Cards of the Week posts will be honoring our furry friends of Easter.

Like Sheep. Baaaaaaaaaahhh!!! After this post from last week, you guys must have seen this coming...

This stunning watercolor card is one in a multi-pack of 4x6 animal cards by rachellelevingston on Etsy. The others, 2 rabbits & a cat, are equally amazing. You won't want to part with them!

{Farmyard Animals by PaperInkPress}

Another set of animal cards, but these are a completely different style. Letterpress printing brings sophistication to the simple illustration. I think these are charming! Paper Ink Press has many other cards worth visiting her shop for.

{Sheep printable stationery by Happy Paper on Etsy}

This is a cool listing. Sheep Printable Stationery has the above sheep illustration on each piece. You'll be able to print out as many folded or flat notecards, gift tags, envelopes, etc as your lamb-loving heart desires - by Happy Paper from Argentina.

By the way, take a wild guess how many sheep cards there are on Etsy? A lot. Pages, and pages, and pages...and pages. And since I've only highlighted my top picks here, there are obviously many amazing items that I left out. There was also plenty that didn't suit my taste {Thank Ewe? Ug.} but different strokes for different folks.

My usual Friday COTW post was late! I had this post all prepared, along with another one that I was holding & the whole weekend went by. Agg!! So, lucky you, reader, gets 2 COTW posts this week. Look for it on Thursday...

PS Something wrong with Blogger today. Click HERE if you'd like to check out the lamb confetti from the top picture.


rachelle said...

Thanks so much for including my sheep cards. He is a favorite of mine. I love all of your honor to be chosen.

Melissa said...

Hello there! Thanks for including my sheep cards in your post! What a small Etsy world that I recently bookmarked that very sheep watercolor for a friend of mine for her birthday!

kbatty said...

Rachelle, Melissa, you are so welcome. I admire your shops & hope you'll stop back by the blog!

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