Friday, April 1, 2011

Cards of the week - Pink.

Hey Sports Fans! It's Friday, so you know what we are talking about on the blog today...Cards of the Week of course. As I teased earlier, this week's color is pink!

None of them are from Etsy this week. Shocked?! I was inspired by a Real Simple article, showing off cards from 12 online of course was Etsy. Several other popular sites were listed, but these posts come from 3 new ones to me. Check out the article here for the others, which were all fabulous as well.

Sorry I F-ed Up by Whimsy Press, in Atlanta, GA, that I found on How funny is that???? And usually when you send an "I'm sorry" card, isn't that exactly what you're saying?

Red Stamp might be my favorite new site, card-wise. AND they have an iPhone app to send e-greetings which I snagged. **People in my address book beware! I will be sending you cute, stylish e-cards via text or email!**

Greer Chicago was also new site to me. I could spend hours on their site. They carry this fun fill-in invitation called Hey Ladies, by Snow & Graham, in the windy city, Chicago, IL. I hope you are familiar with Snow & Graham. If not - go check them out...when you are done here, that is...

Thirdly, we have Broadway Paper with this Congratulations card by Smock Paper, in Syracuse, NY. Again, if you are not familiar with Smock Paper, they are worth the time browsing their site - as is Broadway Paper.

What I am astonished by is that I saw that each site carries some of the same card makers, but didn't buy any of the same designs! Amazing! I hope you'll give these card makers some love by going by their websites for a look-see.

Have a great weekend!

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