Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cards of the Week - Peacocks!

{via Veer}

When I was small, my mom & her bff dressed up their children & took us to a local farm for an Easter celebration. We have pictures of us all in the gardens, in our Easter finest, but the memory that sticks with me is that of the peacocks. I remember they were huge. Their tales were open like GIANT fans in AMAZING colors.

Here, they are high-impact design elements...

The Peacock Feather Graphic Card comes in a set of 10 folded note cards by Em and Bee. I really like that you can choose your envelope color, although the kraft envelope the card is shown here with is nice because it doesn't compete with the colors in the feather.

Peacock Card, on Broadway, by Barbera Raidl in Chicago, is hand drawn and then silkscreened. The style of illustration changes up the usual way we see peacocks & feathers, but stays elegant.

{Peacock Feathers Enclosure Cards by Michelle Brusegaard}

Great color combo on this enclosure card from Michelle Brusegaard. The teal really pops on the white card & is complimented nicely by the chartreuse envelope. How often do you get to say THAT about chartreuse??

I have been saving these cards for WEEKS!! Super excited to finally share them. As I have been bookmarking cards for this weekly post & thinking about subjects to talk about, I have stumbled on cards with peacock feathers on a design element CONSTANTLY. It has been a party for my eyes!

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emandbee said...

Love it! I always remember the peacocks in Busch Gardens...they walk around the park loose!

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