Thursday, June 30, 2011

A love letter to letterpress printing

Dear letterpress printing,

How are you? I know, it has been a while since we last spent time together. I hope you are not feeling neglected since I have been hanging out with Digital Printing so much lately. I assure you our relationship is strictly business. DP could never mean to me what you do - your texture, your technique, the craft of printing with you, your ability to print fine lines & bold designs in the turn of a handle or wheel. Ahhhhh...(sigh) I have missed it.

That is why I'm writing actually. As we've discussed before, it's just not possible for me to own a piece of your equipment at this time. Husband still thinks that extra room in the back is a "guest bedroom." But, I am committing July to you here on the blog. I hope that will be enough for us both - for now.

K. B.

P.S. Your good friend Pistachio Press kicks things off for me tomorrow. Hope you'll stop by!

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