Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cards of the Week - Thanksgiving, Take 2

Essentially I wrote the last post so that I could write this post. These. Are. So. Fun...And they are not full of turkeys. Iconic? Yes. But, this time of the year it's as if the world has been taken over by images of turkeys. And (spoiler alert!) not nice ones like the one at the very bottom of this post which is rather regal if you ask me. Please people, try to keep the cheesey turkeys to a minimum.

That said - Absolutely zero references to the holiday would be boring. So, how about these fun pilgrim hats? I can't quite put my finger on it...maybe because of their size?...but these feel like a great nod to the history of Thanksgiving while remaining solidly in the cool zone. You can find these on the Picadilly Heart Etsy shop.  She has tons of place cards if these aren't floating your boat. I also really liked the Maple Leaf ones as well.

I'm getting the feeling that I sound like I don't like traditional Thanksgiving icons, but that's not true. I do! It's just easy to go overboard with them. Also if you've read this series of posts before, you know that I am rarely drawn to anything too cutesy & one could choke on the amount of "cutesy" that starts this time of year & runs through New Years. are a few more traditional yet fresh & elegant options. The pumpkins above, by The Simple Stamper, say dressy Thanksgiving dinner. Writing the names with a calligraphy pen would be a great touch & put lots of candles on the table. Ooh...can you see it??

I was so excited to find these! Cameo pilgrim place cards! If you look at the detail you can tell that the design is die cut, then mounted on the white cards. The she turns around these babies in 5 days! Kinda fun to buy all man cameos for the dudes at the tables & all ladies cameos for your dudettes. For details & to order these, visit Angie Morris's shop Uniquely Yours Paper Designs, here.

And here is a classic. Yes, folks, I am posting a turkey place card. But, notice! Is it cheesey? No. It's actually a very distinguished looking turkey. Guess how it's printed? Letterpress! Was that a surprise? Did we just meet? **Note if we did just meet, I love letterpress & showcase it often** These come on a variety of paper colors so you can choose whatever compliments your tablescape. Lay these flat on each plate or find a cool way to stand them up. Find these & other fun letterpress items on...wait for it...Etsy, in the Yellow Chocolate Letterpress shop here.

Any of these getting you excited to plan for Thanksgiving? It makes me yearn even more for an apartment/house/space big enough for a big ol' dining room table. Shoot, I'd take room for a small dining room table... Anyway, happy planning!

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