Monday, November 21, 2011

Small Business Saturday, Nov. 26

No doubt, if you've had the tv on for even a second, you've seen an ad for Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express. What do you think? Into it?


Obviously, I am. I'll tell you right now where I'm planning on shopping...I have my eye on some books at my local book seller. Perhaps a few of them are presents. I can't tell you as my family loves me & so they read this blog. (Props, Mom & Dad!)

The point is to support your local economy by placing your hard earned money into the hands of someone who lives where you live; someone who cares as much about what's going on in your town as you do. Speaking as the daughter of a small business owner...actually, my family has had a few small businesses...I can tell you how important it is to shop local, to be a part of the local economy, to meet your neighbors, to know their needs & the satisfaction that comes in meeting them.

Also, I have to point out...this is a GREAT excuse to avoid the mall. Hello, Insanity.

So, please!!! Please, please!! Support Small Business Saturday, November 26th. It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Start small...pick one small, independent business to patronize in your community & watch your $$ go to work.

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