Friday, November 4, 2011

Cards of the Week - Thanksgiving, Take 1

Just 3 short weeks until we are all stuffing our faces with turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce. YEAH!!!! I, for one, can't. Freakin. Wait.

The initial idea for this post was to highlight some Turkey Day invitations. What would be interesting, cute ways to invite your friends/family over to break bread on this fabulous holiday? And then I saw these...(gasp, placecards!)...I had to switch gears! But wait, I thought, people still need to get to the dinner! Ah, the voices in my head...

So, welcome to Cards of the Week Thanksgiving, A Post in 2 Parts.

The first post: Invites.

In the interest of time, I am showcasing all cards that can be printed quickly - namely PDFs that you print at home or some where locally. Sadly, several of the cards I thought were "tops" (like this one or this one) had 2 week turnarounds for printing & delivery. That's a little long for my poorly timed Thanksgiving invitation post. The cards you see here will be emailed to you, complete with your information already included, which you can then print at home or take to a local shop for faster turnaround.

Great colors for fall! I really like that this DIY printable invite from Tania at totful memories does not feature a turkey, a gourd or a pilgrim. While all are iconic symbols of this holiday, I think the wheat is a fresh alternative. The instructions on ordering & what you get with this item are very clear AND! The second picture in the listing gives instructions on all the ways to print this. Lovely!

Stacy Splonski of Sugar Tree Studio offers this tasteful invitation. I wish we saw more of this - GOOD TYPOGRAPHY! Yeah! I could fill a book with the bad typography I see, but I digress...This is elegant, simple. You know...just my style. I like the cream card  - it is a lovely complement to the soft script font.

Another printable card without a turkey...I guess I'm in an anti-turkey mood? I'll be making up for the lack of Thanksgiving icons here in my follow up about place cards. Again, like the type on this card by Ashely Berthalot, a lot. {Ha!} The rich colors of the leaves give me ideas for the table scape at this thanksgiving dinner...felt or paper leaves littering the table like a runner, maybe over a dark brown table cloth...Simple, elegant, well done.

{12 Thanksgiving invitations, turkey & pumpkin pie by Girl In Gear Studio}

This is the only card in the post that comes to you printed but I couldn't resist. Check out the turn around time - it's super fast. Practically as fast as buying the DIY printables above. These are by Staci Humphreys over at Girl In Gear Studio who you will have seen here before on this blog. Love her stuff & this follows her signature postcard style.

So, once you send out these fun invites & people are coming to your house, what do you do next?? Along with ordering the turkey & deciding whether to do a chunky or jelly cranberry sauce (I do a cranberry salsa, actually), you may consider your table. You'll be dreaming of place cards after my next post!

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Thanks so much for including us in your terrific post!

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