Friday, July 13, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

My new favorite blog is The Small Things Blog. Love the hair tutorials. Kate makes it all look easy & I have attempted several of her styles with success. Kate's sister, Lauren, also has a blog - From My Grey Desk. She has a link party each Friday called High 5 for Friday & in an attempt to get myself back in the habit of a regular Friday post I am joining the fun.

Here we go! My 5 favorite things recently...

1. Monday we picnicked with friends in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Why haven't we done that more often? It was great!

2. I love my husband :) He rocks.

3. As I reiterated in my last post, I've been drawing on our coffee mugs in the morning. Particularly proud of yesterday's creation. These are channel markers - on the left is a green can, on the right should be a red nun buoy, but my red marker was leaking so I threw it away. Pretend it's red.

4. Today, I'm rocking it out in our container at the Dekalb Market. Proud of our group at An Etsy Artist Assembly. The shop looks great!

5. The Beach Buggy...our boat. Can't wait to go for a ride tomorrow.

Want to share? Comment here, or head over to My Grey Desk & join the fun. Happy Weekend!

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Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

You're so creative! Love this :)

Happy Friday! ♥ Elise @

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