Friday, December 7, 2012

Handmade Cavalcade DeBrief...

Holy smokes you guys. Remember the holiday market that I have been shamelessly promoting? The 5th Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade? It was last weekend. And it was awesome.

Check out my set up...I don't know about you, but I love it. I've got a bunch of vintage boxes. My table cloth is a big piece of tan linen fabric with white pinstripes. I painted my previously white card rack gun metal gray. It all really came together with my rough brick wall in the back :)

Selling-wise - Obviously, 'tis the season for holiday cards, so those were a hot item. For the market, I ran a offered a special set - any 10 individual holiday cards for the set price. Big hit there! I may add that to my Etsy shop, but not sure how it would work...

Tons of visitors brought their dogs. How cute is this guy? He's just checking out my wares. Over the 2 day market, we had 2,000 people show up. Yeah!!

I started selling holiday banners. Gotta get those up on the web as well. I sold 1 of each of variety - Be Merry, Noel, Merry Christmas. Oh, except poor Happy Holidays. That one didn't get any love, but it's no wonder. I was short on space to display it. Note to self on the outcome. 

Also, I got great feedback on my wine gift bags & holiday cocktail toppers. I was calling them cupcake toppers but I realized during the show that perhaps I should sell them as something you use in your hors d'oeuvres or cocktail olives to broaden the market. If you have a better name for my festive tooth picks, please share it!

The location turned out to be great. I was skeptical, but that probably just speaks to how little I know my way around Williamsburg. Lots of people just walked by & found us. The guys who run The Space. Are. Awesome. Seriously. Mike & his crew at Villain (the actual brand business who runs The Space) were SO helpful throughout the weekend.

It was loads of fun to sell with my teammates! The Etsy NY team is a great group of people. Plus, we had some food vendors this time. The picture above is of delicious pretzels from a vendor...who's name I forgot. Damn. There was also an awesome beef jerky vendor from Vermont, called SlantShack.

Overall, great experience. I got to meet a few people I previously knew only online. Some friends stopped by. Each time I do this type of selling I learn a bit more & I am looking forward to doing more markets next year. I might try to squeeze another one in before the holiday. Even so, there is still time to get your holiday cards! Check out my Etsy shop section for options.

PS Thanks to my buddy Eric Vitale & his girlfriend Saara who came by on Saturday. I am so thankful for your support! Also, he took that top picture of me. It's my new favorite! He's a fabulous photographer & recently started his own Etsy shop. Go Eric!!!

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