Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Easter :: A Free Printable Banner

Freeeebiiiieeeee!!! Yes! Remember the above banner from last year?? Well, it's back - new AND improved! Almost equally as colorful & definitely as fun. Use it for a party, for fun or for a photo! Just remember it's for personal use only. Thanks!

Download it from my Public Dropbox folder.

It's easy to put together. Simple print each page on card stock. Trim according the gray lines on each page. I would use a whole punch to make holes in the cards for stringing on twine or ribbon, but you could also use tape & put them on your wall...or tape them to ribbon. Your choice!

PLEASE share pictures of however you use the banner with me! I'd love to see your finished product. Tweet @kmbatty or post them on my Facebook page.

Happy Easter!!

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