Friday, July 5, 2013

Make sure we keep up on Facebook in 3 steps

Do you "like" me? Well...clearly if you're reading this blog you like me, but do you "like me" on Facebook? Do you get K. Batty Design & Stationery updates in your feed? Here's how to make sure that you do!

1. Go to my page.

2. Underneath my cover photo, on the right, next to the button that says Liked with a check mark, there's a cog/wheel/settings drop down menu. (you can see what I'm talking about in my top picture on this post) Click that.

3. Add me to your Interests Lists. It should be the top choice.

If you & I do not yet have the pleasure of connecting via Facebook, you can follow the steps above, plus click "like" on the page. Allow me to give you a few pieces of motivation to click that button! I regularly post product updates, blog posts, market information, sales and thoughts of stationery & life. Like this:

And! Pictures of the sweetest dog in the world. Here...I'll prove it...

How's that?! She's pretty adorable, right? Hope to catch up on Facebook! Leave me a note to let me know you came by!

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