Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's in My Stationery Stash: The tip of the iceberg

As promised in my previous stationery stash post, let's look inside my baskets to see what I keep around.

A looooooooong time ago, I came across these cards on sale at Hallmark. I bought 3 boxes!! I am still working my way through them. They are blank on the inside which makes them perfect for ANYTHING. I used them the other day for a thank you note & just for funsies grabbed 2 extras out of the box to send to random friends just to say hi. 

I've said before, if you see a card you like, just buy it. You'll find a reason to use it! The card above I bought in Amsterdam & I wish I'd bought a thousand of them. This card above sort of says "wedding" but I bought a bunch from this illustrator with all different pictures of girlfriends hanging out. This is my LAST ONE. I'm so sad. They have been great for all kinds of occasions. 

By the way, Amsterdam, in general, had amazing stationery & paper stores. If you go there, seek them out. You will not be sorry!!

So, clearly this is a baby-themed card. I couldn't decide what to get a girl friend a year or so ago, so I bought more than one card & thought I'd decide which one to send later. Plenty of friends are having babies these days, so this will not stay in the stash much longer I'm sure. of my favorites!! I picked this up at Black Ink in Pacific Palisades, CA while visiting family. GREAT card shop if you're in the LA area & head out to the beach. The card was made by Copper Willow & is one of a few in this size & style that I got. The rest have been used already!! This one is an anniversary card. The inside says: another year together. Happy Anniversary. It's a little difficult to see in the photo above, but the ink on this letterpressed card has a little metallic shine to it.

But wait! There's more! I seriously pick up cards...or make them for myself...all the time. But, that's enough for now. I want to keep you yearning for more!

Anyone keep cards on hand? Birthday? Thank you notes?? I would love to see & hear about them. Head over to Facebook & show me your goods!

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