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Tuesday Talk :: Farewell Paperie

Happy October 1st! It's the first Tuesday of the month and today on Tuesday Talk I am chatting with Jen & Lisa of Farewell Paperie.

{Lisa (l) & Jen (r) and Harley}

Why Jen & Lisa? Go to their Etsy shop & check it out...I'll wait...SEE?!?!?!? Awesome cards, great sense of humor & all letterpressed. {le sigh...} 

Are you ready to find out more?!!

Where do you find your inspiration?
We used to work bicoastally, so there were a lot of different types of communicado going on between us.

Our texting, emailing, skyping, and chatting cyberspeak got pretty ridiculous sometimes, and we quickly found our brand voice to be at its best with that same fun, conversational messaging. We'll just bounce random lines and phrases back and forth and craft them until it's perfectly amusing to us.
I love your use of color & typography. What fonts are you using a lot these days? Any go-to colors?
We are looking at fonts all the time. We are kind of type nerds and scour the internet and pinterest for what's new and interesting. It's hard to say what fonts we are using a lot these days. It seems like a lot of art deco and handwritten fonts are in right now, so may be leaning towards those. Colors we are loving right now are minty green and Fuchsia.

Since there are 2 of you, how do you split up the creation of your cards/lines, as well as other general duties?
It's a total collaborative effort. We used to work together in advertising then transitioned over into our business, so we are very used to working with each other. It's been 6 years now since we started working together, so we definitely know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Our work flow is so seamless, we have our status meeting then just get working. It's crazy jedi-mind trick stuff.

Naturally since you guys use a letterpress & I just got my first press in January, I want to know all about your press. What was your first press?
We have a C&P 10x16 named Bill that we got in San Fran. Somehow his name just came out one day. Bill.

We just bought a Windmill at the end of July and named her Helga. She's big and burly, so the name just fit.
Letterpress has really blown up again in the last few years. What kind of advice can you give someone new to this form of printing? 
Letterpress is a beautiful form of printing, but it definitely tests your patience. There's always something new to learn, so try to soak up as much info as you can.

{Their booth at NSS 2012 via their blog, Paper Relish}

How as the National Stationery Show changed your business? Where on the East Coast can I get your wonderful cards?
The NSS has helped our busies grow so much. If it weren't for the NSS we wouldn't be in half of the stores we are in now. It's just a great way to not only get in front of store owners, but to get connected in the stationery world as well.  Are cards are all along the east coast. Check out our "stores" section on our site to find out where to buy our cards.

{Sapling Press - Dear Fork Letterpress card. If you don't laugh at this you are a robot}

What stationers/designers do you admire?
- Amy Graham: She was a the forefront of the letterpress movement.
- Lisa from Sapling press. Her cards are so funny and smart and you can tell right away they are her brand voice
- Carrie from Anemone Press. We love her use of bright colors and cute imagery. From a printing perspective she's impeccable.
What is the best/funniest/most memorable greeting card you’ve ever received?
Lisa - A post-it note from my husband on Valentine's day. He said nothing could compare to our cards, so why try to find another card

Jen - My mom gets me a really sappy card every year for my birthday that says "Daughter" at the top and then has a really long poem inside. Those kinds of cards are what made me want to create designs that were funny, thoughtful and something a loved one would appreciate receiving.

Other than the shelves of your studio, where do you go when you need a greeting card?
We seriously shop on our shelves all the time. It's just too easy ;)
If I'm at paper source or a local shop, I tend to look for our friends cards and buy those.
Finish this sentence: A friend has just told you they are terrible at sending greeting cards. “What?!” you exclaim. “All you need to do is…”
…remember how much junk mail and bills sucks and how much fun it is to get a surprise in the mail. It will put a smile on anyone's face.

Thank you Lisa & Jen!! I so appreciate your participation in my tiny corner of the internet. 

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