Tuesday, May 13, 2014

NSS :: The Homestretch

It's almost here! Time to put all this planning & preparation into action. It's time to get down to business at the signature mix National Stationery Show.

Last week I:

Got my catalogs back from the printer!

Painted my signage

Finished letterpressing some samples. Still have one more to go. Come on paint guy, mail my ink already.

Ordered vinyl booth numbers for my walls.

Ordered the paper for my walls.

Made sure my furniture fits in my car. Was supposed to try the furniture in the car.

Arranged set up time with my wall vendor. (Note to self: have Monster Energy drink cold & ready for their set up coordinator. Insures I will be on her good side!)

Made business cards for my booth helpers.

Tried not to have any meltdowns.

I didn't mean to do some of these things so close to set up. Sometimes the universe has other plans for you. For instance, the hardware store didn't have the spray paint I needed for my sign. They ordered it & it didn't come in the shipment it was supposed to. I had to go to plan B & C when I went to Lowe's & they had one color but not the other. I tried to order my vinyl numbers weeks ago, but my guy has had some bad luck of late & been out of touch which lead to me not hearing from him. Fortunately I found a back up & she was life saver (knock on wood...my signage is still in the hands of the USPS so I probably should wait to celebrate yet.) The list goes on. The point is: I made it. I figured it all out. And anything else that happens before Thursday...and over the weekend…will be figured out as well. Problem solving is one of my better skills & something I feel confident doing under pressure. Knock on wood.

On the product front, I couldn't be happier with the designs I'm taking to the show. I reached my goal of letterpressing most of what I present. I'm so pleased!! I've got one more card to finish up before the show starts…

So, here goes nothing…National Stationery Show, let's do this.

For updates on how the show is going, who I'm meeting & what's hot in my booth, stay tuned to me on social media:  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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