Thursday, May 1, 2014

Printing Playlist

The letterpress has been working hard lately & like most people, I think, I've been cranking the tunes to keep me going. What tunes you ask?

Pandora! All the time, the free subscription.

What are my channels? They vary. Greatly! From Captain & Tennille to Robyn to Ella Fitzgerald. And what do I play while I'm working? That depends, but lately there is a lot of samba & bossa nova coming out of my speakers. Like. A LOT. It always keeps me in a good mood. Not Carnival type - more Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto. Lots of Astrud actually...

Here's another taste:

Are you viewing this post in email or on a mobile device? Here are links to the 2 videos from YouTube that I posted:

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