Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Portraits by Eric Vitale Photography

In April, a good friend of mine took some photos of me & Sophia. You guys may remember Eric of Eric Vitale Photoraphy from the Mother's Day Trunk show I threw last year with some other seller friends. With a new look to my website coming, the National Stationery Show on the way & my husband's birthday coming, I had 3 good reasons for some nice new photos.

Let's start with that last bit - Mr. B's 41st. Sophia, as you are well aware, has been an amazing addition to our family. After our last dog, I thought it would be a while before we had another, but the stars quite literally aligned & Sophia became ours just a few months after Rose went on to the dog park in the sky.

To commemorate her impact in our lives, I made Mr. B a photo book for his birthday of pics from Soph's first year plus. I wanted to cap it off with a nice shot of me & Sophia with a little birthday message and guess what...not that many photos of me with Sophia. At least, not many that are in focus, high res & worthy of the occasion. I spend most of the time behind the camera. So! Eric came over & snapped a few.

Well, I thought, I don't really have any nice photos for my updated website or my press kit. So, excuses 1 & 2 were easily taken care of as well.

How do I look???

Eric is so easy to work with. He has loads of ideas, is very professional, clearly communicates his vision & delivers on expectations. Actually that last bit is a lie. He exceeds them. He's really a first rate photographer! Check him out! He's on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and Instagram. His website is eye candy!

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