Monday, December 21, 2009

Esty Showcase Showdown

(That's my shop in the circle!)

Happy Monday Morning, y'all!

Today is very exciting as my Etsy shop is signed up for it's first Etsy Showcase, in the Paper Goods section. You can find it through the Showcase box on the Etsy homepage (or I've linked to it in this post). It's a paid promotion, but exciting to see the shop in a more visible location for a bit. I am offering free express shipping on orders placed today & tomorrow. Mostly, I'm hoping to make more connections today & gain more exposure for the shop, although lots of sales would be awesome :)

The first item featured in our Showcase this morning is our Monogrammed Dot cards - Set of 6. There are a few other sets of cards that would all make great gifts & some Christmas cards for anyone still needing those. Items will rotate (slightly...I don't have that much available yet) as the day goes on. So! Check back!

Oh, and PS...if you do check back, don't be surprised if my shop items are not in the same spot on the page each time. As the page loads, they are randomly placed each time.

Have a good one!

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